Computer Goodies

Here you can find downloadable anime-related goodies for your computer. ^_^

Desktop Mates

Cute desktop mates to keep you company while you're on your computer. These belong to their original creators and respective copyright owners.

Multi- A very cute desktop mate of the character Multi from the anime series, To Heart. She has two different outfits in which you could change her into. The language, however, is in Japanese, but you'll be able to tell what the functions are by experimenting. But if you don't want to take the chance, see below for the functions and instructions.

  • Download

    1.) Unzip the file with an unzipping program such as Winzip.
    2.) Double-click on the Multi icon to activate the desktop mate.
    3.) She'll end up sitting on the current active window.
    4.) Right-click on her and a menu will appear. Unless your computer has Japanese character enabled it would be impossible to tell what the first item's funtions are. Go to the second item on the menu where there is an arrow. The first item is the option to keep the current outfit on her for next time when you take her out. The item under the line is to choose her Kimono outfit and the one under that is her "whipped cream" outfit o_O.
    5.) Right-click on her and go to the last item on the menu to exit.

    Anime Calculators

    Cute chibi anime calculators that talk when you press a button, such as saying the number or a goodbye message when you press 'Off'. They will also get impatient if you don't do anything for a while and some will even yell out the numbers (very amusing), lol. All have the original seiyuu voices and have their own unique sayings and style. It's sure to make math more fun ^_^. Just click on the picture or name of the character to download the calculator of your choice.

    Gundam Wing:               Weiss Kreuz:
    Heero                Aya
    Duo                Omi
    Trowa                Ken
    Quatre                Youji