Character Spotlight

A character that I find to be a favorite or interesting will be featured here with their profile and my personal thoughts on them. Character may change monthly.

Character Name: Keigo Atobe
Series: The Prince of Tennis
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Suwabe Junichi
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: October 4
Sign: Libra
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 137 lbs
School: Hyotei Gakuen
Class: Third year, Jr. High
Hobbies: Fly-fishing, reading
Best Subjects: All subjects (especially Greek and German)
Favorite Colors: Gold, black
Favorite Foods: Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
Distinctive Features: Birthmark below his right eye or "tear-mole"
Special Skills: Tennis
Dominant Hand: Right
Play Style: All-rounder
Special moves: Insight, Hametsu e no Rondo, Tannhauser Serve
Interesting Facts: Atobe's seiyuu, Suwabe Junichi also has a tear-mole in the exact position as him.
"Be awed by my prowess."
"Right, Kabaji?"
"Forget the rules. I AM the rule."

Character: Very charismatic, narcissistic and arrogant, he's the main person behind the two hundred-member Hyotei Gakuen Tennis Team as well as being the student council president. Atobe is not only the strongest player in Hyotei Gakuen, but is also a very powerful and influential figure in the school. He is never afraid to show that he has a high status by "flaunting" himself with his charm and unyielding self-confidence. He can always rouse up the crowd with a few gestures and words, showing how much people respect and look up to him. Aside form it all, he is also very wealthy for a person his age, owning several mansions and chateaus and more.

Although seeming like a self-centered and pampered bishounen who is without real skills to back him up, Atobe has actually earned his position through hard work and real talent. Behind all that flaunting and narcissistic personality, he also truly appreciates both his teammates and rivals as well.

Personal Thoughts: When I first saw Atobe appear in the series, I knew he was going to be one of my favorite characters right away. XD Something about him just struck me. His powerful and alluring voice as well as very "cool" and sort of "bad boy" appearance just had an impact on me. XD But it's also his gleaming confidence and the "power" he displays just by the way he carries himself that got me. You can tell he is definitely "the boss" by first impression and that he definitely has a reason to act the way he does. Very rarely do I get completely taken by a character just by first glance, and the more I watched him, the more I liked him. ^^ Atobe definitely has something that not many characters have. He is more than just the looks and really one of a kind who is definitely worth being in the spotlight. <3 XD

Due to Atobe's great confidence and grand presence among his team, he totally takes center stage with almost every scene he is in. However, I don't think that alone could pull it off. With a very talented voice actor for Atobe (Suwabe Junichi <3) that just grabs your attention, only Suwabe can definitely pull off this confident, "I'm in charge," personality yet being respected at the same time. o_o Afterall, it's not often you find a character saying "Forget the rules, I AM the rule." XD If there is someone who can get away with being an attractive, overly arrogant, with a "bow down to my skills" kind of character, it would be Atobe. XD And with the way he flaunts himself, it could be narcissistic, but it is also very cunning and magnetic. XD Many official drawings and chibi epsiodes featured in the series depicts him as often being under the spotlight, wearing a white suit or crown, or holding a rose, which is so like Atobe. XD He definitely makes a big entrance and enjoys the attention and likes being in charge, but that's just why we love him. XD

There was almost never a "boring" moment or scene with Atobe in it, because he somehow makes any scene interesting with his powerful and magnetic aura. Everything about him to his air of dignity and powerful voice just puts him in control. Not to mention the "devilish" smirks and looks he gives with the hand gestures covering his face just adds to the whole character. XD He is very comfortable with himself, since he's able to wear the most flamboyant clothes in his leisure time, even from flowery shirts to pink ones with frills (yes, he has done that o_o), and he seems to get away it too. XD

I really love how he can control the crowd when he starts a tennis match. He only needs to say a few of words and do a gesture with his hand and the fans will cheer "Hyotei! Hyotei!" in unison. He can also immediately and completely silence the crowd with a snap of a finger, which I find very amusing (he's definitely got the "power" XD). And whenever Atobe is having a tennis match, you sometimes just can't help but want to cheer for him, because he seems to have a lot of experience and power. It's amazing how he brings so much energy and life to the matches, and he doesn't even have to "try," which is why he is probably my favorite character in the series. XD

Atobe may be a little bit narcissistic at times, but I think there's much more to him than that. He has stood up for his team mates and has also helped other players get stronger, showing that he isn't always just thinking about himself. Often he also invites his team mates to his estates for meals as well as other teams during the series for training, so he can also be generous and hospitable. He has a lot of very loyal fans, both "fangirls" and possibly "fanboys," who are always there to back him up, stick by him or cheer him on, and I don't blame them. XD

Being a very popular series and having many loyal fans, Atobe has many character songs and his own CDs, which is really neat. Because Atobe's seiyuu has such an addicting and sexy voice if I may, >_> so any fan of his should definitely check them out. My favorite song by him would have to be "Charm Point wa Naki Bokuro," which is actually a song about his "tear-mole" being his charm-point. ^^ I think this song really illustrates his character and the relationship with his teammates through a more comedic point of view. Really worth checking out even if you're not familiar with the series. XD Atobe is definitely in my top list of bishie favorites, being completely flamboyant and dynamic in character and being a complete hottie with an attitude that just spells "man-diva." XD Definitely a keeper. <3 XD