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This is the third Mana in my collection. I guess I couldn't help but make a third gif of him, because he is one of my personal favorites and is named after my screen name afterall.. >_> This gif reminds me of how much my eyes were burning and straining to get the details of his stockings just right.. The hair was also not easy since the curls in the hair makes the shading more complicated, but I think it was worth all that trouble though. This practically looks exactly like the real picture of Mana. o_o

This is Kamijo from Lareine. The details of his hair was quite challenging, because of the color and details of the curls.. The bottom part of his pose was made up by me, because the image I made it from didn't show it. And the reason his face doesn't show much detail is because of the lighting in the picture I got the pose from. Overall, it turned out better than expected.

Looks kinda kinky, but I think that's the idea. This is Die from Dir en Grey in his leather outfit with the mask on. When I first saw him in this outfit, it looked a bit scary yet cool at the same time, especially how he posed with a guitar too. I had to take the black outlining off the hair in this one, so the spikes of his hair would not look too thick and cluttered, probably something I should keep in mind next time in my j-rock gifs. The boots and details of the leather was tricky as well, since the pictures I had of him didn't show them too visibly, but it turned out much better than expected. I think this will always be one of my proudest works.

This is Kikasa from Due le Quartz in one of my favorite outfits that he wears. I was actually quite satisfied with the results in this gif, especially with the face and the small details of his hair. This has also become another one of my favorites.

Here we have another gif of Sakito from Nightmare, even though it's hard to recognize to him in this one. This gif was the most difficult out of all the others to make. I had to re-do his hair countless times and it was very challenging to make his leather jacket look realistic. I guess all that work paid off though, because this turned out to be one of my favorites.

This is a pretty detailed gif of Mana from Malice Mizer in his outfit from Au Revoir. He is supposed to be a doll in this spinning music box who comes to life in their music video, so that's why his pose looks like that. The flowers, designs on his dress, and his face took the longest to draw and color to make it look as real as possible. But I think it turned out to look very similar to the real thing.

This is Niya from Nightmare. I decided to do this gif, because I liked the torn-jean look and wanted to see if I could draw a gif with this style of clothing in Paint.

This is Sakito from Nightmare in the outfit he wore in Believe. I really like how his guitar and pose came out. I had to re-edit this before displaying it, because he looked too anime-style rather than a real person.. Though it took a long time to edit, the new version turned out much better and more detailed.

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