In the very popular online RPG game called “The World”, Tsukasa, a detatched and introverted character, who mysteriously winds up into the game, is unable to log out ever since he arrived. Being a prisoner in this virtual world, he can also feel and sense the things that happen to him and around him, especially when he gets hurt. Unknown about the whereabouts of this player and why he holds the most powerful weapon in the game, the other players try to solve the mystery and find the “Key of the Twighlight”, a rare item believed to exist that grants the founder anything they desire. As Tsukasa encounters new aquiantances without actually meeting them in person, the connection between them can prove to be stronger than a virtual one.

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Series length– 26
Released in the U.S.?– Yes
This series contains– Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mystery.
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My Thoughts:
Something about this series really caught my attention. I was both intrigued yet a little puzzled about the storyline and the pace of the story when I first saw it. However, I really thought the story was interesting how it took place in an online game, and how they would also mention about the players controlling each character in the real world. This series makes you really think about how online games work and makes you realise the reality of them (on most aspects). I thought the main character had a unique personality and was unlike any other with the way he deals with things, but that’s what makes him one of a kind ^_^. I really like this character despite what others might think of him, maybe because I used to be like him in a way or at least emotionally, so I do connect with some of the things he does or is going through. This series contain a lot of “touching” moments, so it is worth watching if your into drama and things on that level. There are also unusual or strange characters and creatures at times in this show, but all these things is what makes this series different. The thing I didn’t quite like though was it’s flashback episodes. I usually don’t think it’s nessesary unless it’s a really long series, so they might have overdone it a bit. And the Crimson knights I thought were a bit annoying >_>, but that is just my opinion. Sometimes they just wouldn’t quit with their persistent preaching and strict ways x_x. Poor Subaru, I give her credit for being able to put up with them >_<.

My Final Opinion: With a unique storyline that online gamers especially can relate to, this is a nice series that you will want to watch all of to complete the story and uncover the mysteries left unanswered throughout the story.

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