This is a collection of some of the artwork I have done on paper and on computer, ordered mostly from my earliest works to the most recent. The pencil sketches are drawn with a regular mechanical pencil on computer paper, and the computer drawings are drawn with MS Paint and edited with Paint Shop Pro 7. Click on the thumbnail of your choice to see the full version of the drawing.


  • Pencil Sketches
  • Computer Drawings

Pencil Sketches

These characters were created by me for a story I wrote a while ago called, Bewildered. The first guy is the main character, Jesse, and the second is his best friend, Youjo. The marks they have on their face are supposed to give them special abilities caused by a curse from a demon. But because most people might find the story too long to read through, these sketches will just be here for show even if you don’t understand the story behind the characters..


These are the two main supporting characters of Bewildered, Celerity and Katashi. Katashi has the sign of the Scorpio on his face, which is supposed to represent his personality in the story.


These are character sketches I’ve done a while ago. I was planning to use them for a manga or fic, but I never got a good plot together yet..


Part of my friend’s B-day present, this was an original character of mine. He’s supposed to be a vampire holding a crystal in a protected glass attached to chains. I’m not too sure how I got the idea for this one, but I combined some ideas together to make it kinda mysterious..


This is a little sketch of a guy wearing “punk-ish” clothes, drawing his hands up to form the shape of a gun and blowing on it.. I actually had to do this pose in the mirror with my own hands to get the detail of the entwining fingers and such. >_>


I was going into one of those modes again, where I think about drawing a male pair.. >_> But before drawing this, it took a while to create the pose in my head that the guys will be in before applying it on paper. I wanted to do something a little more realistic and detailed, but still anime-style. So I made the guy’s jewelry on the right very detailed. I had no idea what to do with the other guy’s arms so I didn’t show them in the picture really.. The hardest thing about this was to color it, because I didn’t want to cover the detail of the pencil lines, so that’s where the whole layering idea came along.. Coloring line drawings in general with PSP 7 could be a task in itself if you are still just starting out and everything.. But after almost hours of trying out some techniques, this is how it came out. I think this came out more realistic than my previous drawings, which is good. ^_^

Computer Drawings

This is an image I made for my first frame layout. These two guys are my original characters: Shiro and Kuro, which is supposed to mean White and Black in Japanese. They are opposites in personality and are posed closely back-to-back to resemble the Ying and Yang. The angel and demon/bat wing also represents the “good/evil” theme. The “string” falling from Shiro’s hair was added to make him seem more vulnerable or innocent (which might not have worked). But eventually, seeing the string in his hair, I think it makes an interesting “trademark” for him, so I decided to keep it on him. These two have become probably my most favorite original characters, since I made a chibi gif of both of them ^_^. You’ll be seeing these guys more in the future. ^_~


This is the first drawing I have done of a real person on computer. He is Sakito from Nightmare, which is a J-rock band. He’s one of my favorite members, so I chose to draw him for my first real-person drawing. It turned out to look pretty accurate to the real Sakito.


Just to let you know, none of these j-rock poses are original poses by me. I drew this by looking at an actual image of Ruka.. I just try my best to get it look exactly the same. >_> This was made from one of my favorite Ruka pictures.


This is probably one of the computer drawings that took the least time to do out of the rest, though I did have trouble making the hair have that metallic look..


This guy is an original anime character of mine. He can only see through one eye, which is covered by his mask.. This drawing shows him after a violent killing or some kind… Lots of blood here, so probably not suitable for viewers under 15.


Another Ruka drawing with a different look. I drew this on the oekaki drawing system, because my friend said that I should give it a try, so I did. But the tools and everything were not as familiar to me, that’s why it turned out a bit.. choppy and stuff… Could have done better if I used my usual programs though..


Tero, the drummer of the J-rock band, Vidoll. Probably the most difficult one to draw out of everything here since there was so much detail to pay attention to. But because he is my fav member from this band, I decided to finish it despite the many challenges I had with it.


This is probably the second hardest one to draw here. I was determined to do one of Mana and to make sure it looked exactly like him, because this is one of my favorite new outfits of his.. And after all that long eye-burning and mind-bending editing, I finally got it to look very similar to the picture I was trying to re-make. ^_^..


This is an original character that I am actually proud of creating. o_o I was just sketching an anime girl on paper and giving her clothes with all these laces and stuff, according to the style of clothing I was inspired in drawing at the moment. To my surprise, the pose that came out turned out to be rather good, so I decided to re-draw it on computer and color and edit it with the tools of PSP 7 to make it look nicer. I decided to name her Kimuri. She is now one of the characters I am sketching a lot.


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