You may have encountered certain characters that have resembled each other a lot in appearance, whether it’s from anime or video games, etc. But here are the ones I spotted that I thought not only looked very alike, but also had very similar traits and other attributes as well. ^_^

Pair #1

Sora (Kingdom Hearts series) and Sion Barzahd (The Bouncer)

Okay, at first glance they might not seem very similar, but if you go into the details and origins, you’ll begin to think they are more alike than most people might think.


    • Both have blue eyes and brown hair, not to mention, very similar hairstyles >_>
    • Sion could even be the older version of Sora, if you really think about it o_o.
    • They have similar attire. Both have short sleeve hoodie-type clothing and gloves, shorts, and some kind of “chain-type” jewelry around their neck.
    • Both of their names begin with an ‘S’ and have an ‘o’ in it.
    • They are both created by Square Enix. >_>
    • Both are main characters in the games they appear in.
    • Both have a girl they want to protect and fight for.
    • If you try picturing Sora looking about 18 or so, you will probably get an image very close to Sion. ^_^

Pair #2

Quatre Raberba Winner (Gundam Wing) and Tohma Seguchi (Gravitation)

A pair you’ll definitely pick up in similarity if you have seen both of these shows. The big giveaway is the voice actor who happens to play both of these characters. Then the rest will be quite easy to get once you watch both of these series through.


    • They both have those big eyes and short blonde hair with similar length (front/back).
    • They both wear some type of “vest” attire most of the time in the series.
    • The Japanese voice actress, Ai Orikasa, does the voice acting for both of them.
    • Both seem to be well-known and have a big reputation as well as a high status in the series.
    • Both are well-mannered and polite. ^_^
    • They both drink tea in the series they appear in. (The love for tea really passes on, doesn’t it ^_^)
    • Both have an appreciation for music and play some type of musical instrument in the series.
    • And just to throw this in, they both are Water signs. Quatre is a Cancer while Tohma is a Scorpio, so they tend to be emotional and intuitive in some way.


Pair #3

Ichigo Kurasaki (Bleach) and Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)

A pair that has that “bad boy” appeal but with a strong hidden potential, and can be a bit shy and hesitant to reveal their true feelings and kindness. ^_^


    • Two of the few male characters that have “natural”, short, spiky, orange hair.
    • They both have a certain edge to them and a “detached” image.
    • Both were picked on in school for their hair color or other aspects.
    • They might also have random outbursts and sometimes “chibi-like” exaggerated facial features when in an argument. ^_^
    • They are both hardworking in school work despite their attitudes.
    • Both have had training in martial arts as a child.
    • Both like to engage in fights and don’t give up in them, even if the odds seems to be against them.
    • They both have a special hidden ability or power in the series.
    • Both are awkward in love and/or not easily moved by girls in most cases.
    • Both might have feelings of “unrequited love” towards a certain girl in the series >_>.

Pair #3

Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket) and Tenma Morimura (Harukanaru Toki no Naka de)

A pair that is much more alike in appearance than in personality. Most people will notice the similarity almost immediately if they have come across this newer series and are familiar with Kyo. ^^


    • Both have orange hair with very similar short hair styles.
    • Both are voiced by Seki Tomokazu. ^^
    • They are not afraid to fight or challenge another.
    • They are both are laid back and tend to wear casual clothes.
    • Similar age, around 16-17.
    • Very similar shape of eyes, though the color is slightly different.
    • Both are often around the main female character, who happens to go to the same school as them. ^^
    • Both begin to develop feelings for the main female character. >_>


Pair #4

Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket) and Mitsukuni Haninozuka “Honey” (Ouran High School Host Club)

So alike in so many ways XD


    • Both have short blonde hair and brown eyes.
    • They both look and act very child-like despite them actually being teenagers (15-17). XD
    • Both might be mistakened for a girl at some point, because they’re both voiced by (the same o_o) female voice actress, Ayaka Saito.
    • Both have a love for sweets and are associated with bunnies in some way. XD
    • They both are “cutesy” and have a carefree, outgoing nature, with a deep past.
    • Both tend to cheer up the atmosphere and may cry easily. XD
    • Both come from a series with a female brunette as the main character. XD
    • Both are the Water sign, Pisces. o_o

Pair #5

Hisoka (HunterxHunter) and Akutsu Jin (The Prince of Tennis)

A pair that isn’t easy to spot as look-alikes unless you have thoroughly watched both of these series. XD But they actually have more in common than one might think. XD


    • They both have the slicked back silver/grey hair. XD
    • They have similar eyes with smaller irises/pupils.
    • They both have a very similar face, bone structure and built.
    • They both are arrogant, cold and ruthless in their actions and attitudes.
    • Both have incredible flexibility and speed that they can appear to be teleporting. XD
    • Both have a reputation of being feared by others, because of how dangerous and violent they are. XD

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