Video #1
Title: Death Note Parody
Category: Parody
Created by: tappressholdrelease1
Length: 1:22
Description: This was NOT created by me but I found this to be a really funny parody. Yagami Light versus various anime characters in a 2D fighting game using the Death Note. XD


Video #2
Title: Unknown
Category: Cosplay
Created by: anachira2006
Length: 1:01
Description: This is NOT my video, but I found it to be a really funny clip. A group of cosplayers do the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya dance on the streets of Japan until the police show up. XD


Video #3
Title: Loveless- Never There
Category: AMV
Created by: BlueMana
Length: 3:14
Description: A Loveless anime music video with the song, “Never There” by Cake. I usually wouldn’t use this type of music for this kind of anime, but I thought the lyrics related with Ritsuka and Soubi’s relationship (from Ritsuka’s point of view), so I decided to give this a shot. XD There may be some implied humor and especially shounen-ai content, so it’s just a little warning. It was difficult to put these clips together without my better video editing program, but I tried my best. ^_^;


Video #4
Title: Fruits Basket- Yuki & Tohru “Because I Love You”
Category: AMV
Created by: BlueMana
Length: 4:44
Description: A Fruits Basket music video I made focusing on Yuki and Tohru. I thought this song really went well with Yuki’s point of view and personality rather than Kyo, so I decided to make this as a dedication to him and Tohru. ^_^ This is a cover song of Shakins Stevens’, “Because I Love You” sung by a Chinese artist named Z Chen (but the song is in English). This song was sung really well, so I just had a make a video with it. ^_^ This video took a lot of editing so my video editor has gave out on me several times during the making of it, losing some previous data, so I had to try to make up for that. ^_^;


Video #5
Title: AMV Chiaki/Sinbad Brings “Sexy Back”
Category: AMV
Created by: BlueMana
Length: 4:38
Description: A Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne amv featuring Chiaki/Sinbad with the song, “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake. At first I didn’t like this song, but then after it kept popping up in various places, it began to grow on me somehow. o_O I wanted to make an amv on a bishounen, so I thought this song fit really well with Chiaki/Sinbad from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. I personally think they put various “sneak in” fan-service shots of him, because of the various camera angles and closeups. So this video basically has mostly all of them in there that I could find of him. XD Hope you enjoy!


Video #6
Title: Matantei Loki: Ragnorak + Yami no Matsuei- Gothic Pink
Category: AMV
Created by: BlueMana
Length: 3:37
Description: Contains slight shounen-ai content, so please do not watch if you’re uncomfortable with that. ^^; This was made after my fav song by Tommy February6, Gothic Pink, with scenes from the Matantei Loki: Ragnorak and Yami no Matsuei anime. As the title suggests, I chose scenes that would go with the song, so it might be a bit creepy in some parts. XD I’ve made this within a day, which is rare for me, because it usually takes more than one for me. But for some reason, I was really into making this one. XD I hope you like it!


Video #7
Title: AMV Various Anime- Pretty Girl
Category: AMV
Created by: BlueMana
Length: 3:57
Description: This was really inspired by the other amvs with this song, which is why you’ll notice this video has more effects and flashing in it than usual. My video editor is not advanced enough to make as good of special effects, so please forgive the bad quality. XD But I worked very hard on this and almost killed my video editor program with the massive editing I did, so I hope you liked how it turned out. XD

The series included in this are: Ayashi no Ceres, Fruits Basket, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Fushigi Yugi OVA, Kannazuki no Miko, X, Pretear, and Rurouni Kenshin.

The pairings I decided to feature in this amv are: TooyaxAya, YuuhixAya, HayatexHimeno, SasamexFenrir, TasukixMiaka, KyoxTohru and small bits of ChiakixMaron, SoumaxHimeko, KamuixKotori, and KenshinxKaoru.

Some slight spoilers MIGHT be included… XD

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