A page where you’ll find dubs and parodies of various anime scenes I selected to do voice-overs of. Everything will improve as I get better equipment to record and edit these, but for now, these are more experimental clips that I put together for humor purposes. Hope you enjoy the madness and comments are very welcome! XD

Video #1
Series: Psychic Force OVA
Title: Emilio Scene Dub
Length: 0:51
Description: This was my first dub work ever and done about 5 years ago. I had to strain my voice SO much to get the right sound for Emilio (since he’s a young boy). But especially for the last part of the scene, I had to do so many retakes, that my throat nearly died in the end. XD I kept the original English dubbed voice for his mother, because I wanted to do Emilio’s voice more than anything at the time and would probably pass out from laughter if I tried to do his mother’s voice. XD The microphone I used for this was horrible, because it always had feedback, so when I edited the voice files with the scenes, the result was a horrible mess. Please forgive me and regard to this as an experiment. XD I found this dub to be really funny, because my voice sounds so different here, it’s scary. XD

Synopsis: Emilio’s mother has discovered her son has unusual “psychic” powers and sees him as a “devil” or someone to be disposed of. Therefore, she decides to try and kill him, but in the end fails when Emilio’s powers goes out of his control when trying to protect himself and ends up killing his own mother in the process. o_o


Video #2
Series: Full Moon wo Sagashite
Title: Full Moon wo Sagashite Crazy Parody Dub
Length: 5:37
Description: My first parody dub done with my friend on just one of my fav scenes of this series, when Izumi first appears. We went crazy with this, so there will be very random moments, suggestive themes, out of character moments, and just “on crack” dubbing, so just it’s a little warning. XD Because my throat was a bit hoarse during the time, you’ll notice that it can sound really crazy at times and some lines may be hard to understand, but that just adds to the madness. Please watch at your own risk. XD

Synopsis: In this parody, Meroko is dead bored while she takes Mitsuki’s place and watches the house while Takuto accompanies Mitsuki to Full Moon’s live performance (which is something they aren’t supposed to be doing as Shinigami). Meroko’s senses tells her there is a mysterious presence in the house, and she gets an unexpected visit from Jonathan (the pervy drunk ghost) and Izumi (the psycho perv), who’s bringing “sexy” back. They can’t find out about her and Takuto helping Mitsuki/Full Moon or they may get in a lot of trouble, so Meroko does all she can to prevent them from finding out.


Video #3
Series: Full Moon wo Sagashite
Title: Full Moon wo Sagashite Crazy Parody Dub- Ep.1
Length: 4:17
Description: Because Part 2 of the Crazy Parody Dub will take longer than expected to finish (due to some complications XD), I decided to give a shot dubbing episode 1. As a bonus, I included a little sneak preview of Part 2 at the end of this video, so I hope you enjoy. ^_^ Note: Because my voice is still hoarse (but gradually healing), you will have to bare with the madness and see it as added humor to the dialogue. XD Synopsis: Mitsuki still strives to be a famous singer even though she is diagnosed with a tumor in her throat. Her moody and crazy grandmother, who despises music, doesn’t approve of her singing. But when Dr. Wakaoji comes over for Mitsuki’s checkup, will she be given a chance to make it to her audition without her grandmother knowing?


Video #4
Series: Full Moon wo Sagashite
Title: Full Moon wo Sagashite Crazy Parody Dub 2
Length: 7:49
Description: At long last, the continuation of the first Crazy Parody Dub is finally complete! Enjoy the madness! XD

Synopsis: Meroko secretly calls Takuto to tell him that Izumi wants to see Full Moon’s live performance. Takuto, who is with Full Moon/Mitsuki, freaks out and tells Meroko to keep Izumi there as long as possible, while he thinks of a plan. Will their desperate attempts to prevent Izumi from finding out their secret be wasted?


Video #5
Series: Sailor Moon
Title: Crazy Sailor Moon Parody Dub!
Length: 9:17
Description: Based on the English dub. Extremely random! Be warned! XD

Synopsis: Serena is finally let back into the house after her mom found out about her horrible test grade. Now she has a stalker on her hands, who turns out to be…


Video #6
Series: Full Moon wo Sagashite
Title: Full Moon wo Sagashite Crazy Dub- Izumi’s Devious Plan
Length: 4:41
Description: A scene that I thought would make a funny dub, just because it leaves room for some crazy fun. ^_^ The voice for Takuto has also been switched between my friend and I, since my voice has recovered more. I also included a special outtakes footage at the end of the clip for extra laughs! XD This may contain suggestive themes and crazy “on crack” dubbing, so be prepared!

Synopsis: Izumi is feeling “randy” and decides to get Full Moon alone with him on the roof. *hint* *hint* XD


Video #7
Series: Full Moon wo Sagashite
Title: Full Moon wo Sagashite Crazy Dub- Holiday Special!
Length: 9:17
Description: A Crazy Parody Holiday Special with a new voice in our cast! ^^ Special thanks to alipup61 for doing such a great job on her parts! I wanted to have this up at least several days before Christmas, so due to time issues, I wasn’t able to make some of the voices for my parts as good as I would have wanted them to be. But I hope you all enjoy anyways! ^^ Note: This parody may contain very crazy and random moments, so be prepared for anything! XD

Synopsis: It’s almost Christmas and Mitsuki is preparing for it happily as she has plans to celebrate it with her friends. Takuto isn’t particularly a very fond of the holidays, but Meroko can’t help but want to show her feelings for him, again. XD Will she be able to get her feelings through to him this time?


Video #8
Series: The Wallfower, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Fruits Basket and Kannazuki no Miko
Title: Random Anime Parody Dub! – Part 1
Length: 7:14
Description: A very crazy and random anime parody fandub based on various series. It includes, The Wallfower, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Fruits Basket and Kannazuki no Miko. Please forgive the bad quality of the video because it went through heavy editing. But I hope you enjoy it! ^^


Video #9
Series: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Title: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Crazy Dub!- Who’s the Guest?!
Length: 2:22
Description: A fandub of a one of my fav funny scenes from the series where Maron has a guest over. May be a bit suggestive. XD


Video #10
Series: Fruits Basket, Kannazuki no Miko, Loveless, Princess Princess
Title: Random Anime Parody Dub! – Part 2
Length: 7:21
Description: The madness continues! XD


Video #11
Series: Full Moon wo Sagashite
Title: Full Moon wo Sagashite Crazy Parody Dub! Ep.39
Length: 6:59
Description: Warning: The voice acting for some characters may be crazier than usual. Please be prepared if anything will sound too crazy! XD

Thanks to Ishymone for writing the script for this parody! Only some slight changes were made. XD

Extra note: Yes, I purposely chose a midi instead of a real song for her music box for a little more hilarity. XD


Video #12
Series: Full Moon wo Sagashite
Title: Full Moon wo Sagashite Crazy Parody Dub!- I Choose You, Takuto!
Length: 6:59
Description: Based on episode 31, Full Moon encounters two crazy fanboys who want more than just her autograph. XD Will Takuto be able to protect her?


Video #13
Series: Fruits Basket, Princess Princess, The Wallfower, Loveless and Others
Title: Random Anime Parody Dub! – Part 3
Length: 7:22
Description: The third installment is complete! The madness continues once again! XD

This was probably the most difficult random anime parody to make, taking over a month to decide which scenes I was actually going to keep for the final cut. XD I think I did countless edits, because of the ever changing ideas I kept on getting, XD but I just had to stop and keep ONE version in the end, which is the one you see now. XD

Please forgive the horrible compressed quality after all my crazy editing, but it was so difficult settling with a final version. But I hope you at least get some laughs out of this. XD


Video #14
Series: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Fruits Basket, Princess Princess, and Loveless
Title: Random Anime Parody Dub! – Part 4
Length: 9:35
Description: The project I’ve been working on for so long is finally finished! XD This is the longest parody I’ve done, because it was just so hard to cut parts out from it, so I hope you enjoy this special long edition. XD

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