Here is a special section with cosplay photos taken at the conventions I’ve been to. Mouse-over on the thumbnail for a description or click on it to view the full version.

Note: If you can identify some of the characters cosplayed here that I couldn’t then please let me know by e-mail. Thank you.


I was a bit nervous when asking to take photos at this convention, cuz it was my first time going to one and probably the first time I approached people to take pictures. But I was able to get several photos of cosplayers I actually managed to go up to. Unfortunately, the camera had a hard time focusing sometimes and makes everything look all orange when there isn’t any outside lighting, so you’ll have to bare with me.


At this convention, my brother was the one that took the photos this time, cuz he hogged the new camera we got while I was with my friend >_<. I decided not to take the other camera beforehand, so I was left with nothing but a memory of the other wonderful cosplayers I saw. The colors in these pictures, however, are much better and clearer in quality.



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