Funny Doujinshi

Series: Gundam Wing
Doujinshi Title: No Privacy
Characters: Heero, Duo, and Relena
Synopsis: Heero is living in an all-male dorm along with the other four Gundam pilots. With his roomate, Duo, they are all living a pretty ordinary college life. But no matter where or when, all Heero wants is to have privacy with his laptop and perhaps a nice cup of coffee. But unfortunately, things won’t be so peaceful for long when a certain Heero-obsessed individual decides to drop by…
Rated: Teen (15+)
Contains: Humor, suggestive themes, slight nudity (if I should call it that), chibi moments, some OOC (out of character) moments, possible Relena “bashing” (not a doujinshi for Relena fans)
Pages: 7
Tools: Computer paper, pencil, ink pen, Paint Shop Pro 8, and my crazy ideas >_>
Comments: This doujinshi I created is based on a crazy/random Gundam Wing fanfiction I’ve written about two years ago. Since I thought the story would be funny in images, I decided to make it into manga-format, just with some changes to make it more clean-cut. Because this is my first doujinshi/manga-related creation, I still had to get used to the idea of the style it’s in. My drawings might seem inconsistent or maybe rushed at some points, due to the “deadline” I set for myself. Because of that, this could be sort of considered as an experimental project. I will hopefully improve in my future works. If you see any badly drawn character moments, just take it as an addition to the humor <_<.

Before You Begin: Each page link will open up in a new window. And Please read the doujinshi from RIGHT to LEFT, like how you would read an original Japanese manga. The small image below is a little guide to how you should be reading this doujinshi just so you won’t get the story confused or mixed up.

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