These are actual quotes and convos from the English dubs of various series that I found to be quite interesting, funny or are just some of my personal favorites. You gotta love English dubs, because of the added humor. ^_^

Sailor Moon

“Really Luna, you’re trippin when it comes to knowing what’s on a girl’s mind.”

Lita: “What kind of monster is that?!”
Lina: “Ugly kind!”

Sailor Venus: “Your licence come from a cereal box?!”

Amara: “Time for that car to get a flat!”
Michelle: “Let’s do it to it!”

Sailor Uranus and Neptune: “Why don’t you try us on for size you jacked up jaloppy!”

Raye: “Where? Where? I want to meet this hunkster!!”
Lita: “Radar! Radar! Where’s the fox? Where’s the fox? Radar!!!”

Magic User’s Club

“You know, I love you Sae, but that’s dorky.”

“How many times do I have to tell you not to eat that crap. Our parents own a health food store!”

“So farming is more important than your own kids.”

“Can’t you eat more quietly! We can hear you slurping all the way out in the store, you pig!”

“Boobs or no boobs, why I’ll give her a piece of my mind!”

“Let’s do it.” (to Takakura)

“Stop! I command it! Stop this instant, monster cherry blossom! Not only are you out of season, but all your petals are causing so many problems!”

Nanaka: “I’ll be staying for a while.”
Sae: “Are you spending the night, Nanaka?”
Nanaka: “Yea, I ran away from home.”
Sae: “What do you mean ran awa-”
Nanaka: “Would you care for some tea?”
Sae: “Uh.. Umm, I’m not saying you can’t but-”
Nanaka: “How about some milk, Sae?”

Nanaka: “Can you really cook?”
Akane: “I think I can hold my own with little snacky things.”

Takakura: “And I also have a bad back.”
Abaratsubo: “Ooo.. that’s good to know.”

Takakura: “I explained this to you the other day!”
Abaratsubo: “You did? I must have been too busy admiring you.”

Abaratsubo: “Hey I know you’re visualing it. Stop it or you’ll go blind!” (referring to Sae’s uniform ripping)
Takakura: “So.. I can live with that.”

Abaratsubo: “So back on the floor, I have to keep my promise. To get rid of this jelly belly we might have to spend the whole night together.”
Takakura: “That’s baby fat!”

Fushigi Yugi

“Low life thug!” (to Tamahome)

Tamahome: “Geez, you’re so clumsy. You trip when there’s nothing for you to trip over.”
Miaka: “Yea I know. That’s my specialty.”

Suboshi: “I like that new outfit of yours, it’s nice. What kind of welcome is this? Come over here.”
Miaka: “No, stay away! Why do all of you Seiryuu Seven have to act like such perverts!?”

Chichiri: “So tell me, What’s a “good deep kiss” anyway?”
Miaka: “Well it’s sort of.. um… never mind that, are you okay?”

Gundam Wing

Heero: “You have gone crazy. And I’m going to kill you.”

Duo: “Damn! What a dinky way to kill us all off!”

Wufei: “I don’t think that guy was acting.”

“Treize is getting thristy for mortal combat.”

Professor G: “If you want to die, hurry up and die. You’re wasting air.”

Yu Yu Hakusho

“There are two things I hate: waiting and being rushed. And what do you know, that’s all I’ve been doing lately!”

“I can talk trash to people and even touch them… To be alive is a wonderful thing!”

“Nice pad (house). My mom must have good fire insurance.”

“Wow, starting tomorrow I’ll be a human with fists and everything!”

Yusuke’s Mom:
“Poo… Empty already? Must be a sign that someone’s thinking about me at the bar.”

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