Yes, I have decided to “revive” my crazy comics from years ago that I have taken off my site, due to space issues. But now they are back!! These were a result of my crazy humor and insane ideas at the time (which was several years ago), so you will have to bare with me. These are all purposely drawn all badly and crazy-like just to add to the humor, so be prepared >_>. All of these are created in MS Paint by me and are based on some popular anime characters. Each page will open up in a new window. Please read these like an American comic, from left to right. Hope you enjoy! Comments are always welcome, whether good or bad. ^_^

Crazy Comic #1
Title- Hero
Characters- Random anime guy and Goku
Story/plot- A thief has taken a helpless boy’s precious belongings. Will anyone help him!?

Crazy Comic #2
Title- Sailor Madness
Characters- Serena, Tuxedo Mask(?), and several DBZ characters
Story/plot- Serena has overslept on the day of her class trip! How will she make it there in time now?! Is there possibly a way?!

Crazy Comic #3
Title- What’s That Smell!!!
Characters- Goku, Vegeta, and mysterious villian
Story/plot- A threatning smell has penetrated into the houses of Goku while he’s asleep! What could this death defying odor be and how will he stop it from killing everyone’s smelling senses!!?

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