These skins took me a lot of time to make, so please do not put these on your site without my permission first. Look under the series of your choice and pick the skin you want. I currently have stopped making winamp skins, so these are the last of what I will have here. I hope you find something here you like.

*Note* These are originally made for Winamp 3, so higher versions may only show the skin for the main section and not for the equalizer or playlist section. Also, the preview images just give you an idea of what the skin looks like, but the true colors and quality are nothing compared to the real thing, because these are highly compressed images.

Sister Princess

Name of Skin None
Character Chikage
DescriptionThis was my first successful skin that I made, but haven’t really thought of a good name for it.



Name of Skin ~*Escape*~
Character Yotsoba
DescriptionTaken from one of my favorite images from this series that I just had to make into a skin. I think it turned out pretty well.



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