Past Layouts

A look at the previous HTML-made layouts that were used for Angel Flower Anime in the past ordered by the most recent.

Featured Character(s): Kyoshiro and Yukimura (Samurai Deeper Kyo)
Layout Style: Div Layers
Comments: This was back when I felt like changing my layout badly, but had a huge creative block. So I ended up searching countless hours for a good main image until I found one that had “that” feeling when I saw it. XD (I can be really choosy with main images for my layouts) I rarely did any samurai-related layouts, so I decided this would be the first time I went with that theme. I chose an image from Samurai Deeper Kyo, because this image especially appealed to me when I came upon it, not because I was actually a fan of the series (I actually only watched the first episode XD). But I immediately thought Yukimura was a cool character, so I thought as long as he was in it, then it would be fine. ^^ The layout turned out to be a pairing theme with him and Kyo, so I used various of their individual images for the background. It was a bit of a stretch to include pink in this layout, XD but it actually turned out to be a nice combination with black. ^^


Featured Character(s): Nagi Naoe (Weiss Kreuz)
Layout Style: Div Layers
Comments: Based on one my most favorite characters from this series (who doesn’t get enough screen time XD). I found his relationship with Tot to be quite cute, so I decided to add her to the layout for a more dramatic feel to it. X3 This layout came out much better than I was planning it to, which happened on a whim while I was experimenting with the layers and effects. This was originally going to be a more duller greyish-rainbow-ish color instead of the vibrant blue. But something I did by accident while editing caused it to just suddenly light up with this big blue brilliance XD, so I just found it to be much more appealing than what I had before and decided that I just to keep this as my final look. And wah-lah! XD This definitely has to be my favorite next to the Fayt layout. ^^


Featured Character(s): Fayt Leingod (Star Ocean: Til the End of Time)
Layout Style: Div Layers
Comments: Probably my most favorite layout that I created out of all the ones here. ^_^ Featuring one of my favorite characters from one my favorite RPG games, Fayt Leingod, the main character of Star Ocean 3. This layout was created from an image or “vision” I had in my mind of what I wanted my new summer layout to look like. I couldn’t rest calmly until I could create a layout that would meet with the image in my head, and this layout went through extreme editing and many stages to get it to this final result. I tried my best to find various images from this game to create a surreal, dramatic, yet calming feeling, revolving around Fayt. I think the colors blend together so nicely, especially the water and sky with the colors of the earth and sand. I wanted to make it seem “surreal” with how the buildings seem to be part of the water, but yet connected to the sky. I also just love the beautiful CG image of Fayt that is the main focus and how his hair is blue, so it also matches the colors in the theme. ^_^ This was probably one of the hardest layouts to edit, considering how much time it took for the careful blending of the images and choices of colors to use for the theme. I also really liked the name I chose for this version 11.0 of this layout, which I titled “Distant Reality.” This name just came to mind when I looked at the layout and it just seemed to really go well with the theme altogether. I had this layout up longer than all my other layouts, because I loved it so much, so it was extremely difficult for me to change it. If I could, I would make this my permanent layout, but I know some people may get tired of it, so this had to eventually be put in as a “past” layout. XD


Featured Character(s): Kaito, Sachiko, Teruo, and Yuko (Original characters)
Layout Style: Div Layers
Comments: A layout I’ve been brainstorming and planning for almost months. I got the main inspiration of the card theme from D.Gray-Man, and was originally going to do a D.Gray-Man layout instead. However, it was going to be a black and white layout to feature Allen and Kanda, but I thought it would be more interesting if I drew my own characters and had more various colors to it. So then I decided that I would have four characters in this layout, each representing a card suit and each with their own style and characteristics. It took a lot of time to create these original characters, so the images themselves took about a month in itself to make. I had to learn from various CG coloring tutorials to color the scanned images of the drawings and also make each of the characters’ attire match with the theme. Their poses alone were so challenging, I almost gave up on this layout because of how hard they were to come up with. But I tried my best to finish it with the help of my good friend who gave me helpful suggestions and opinions ^_^. Afterall, I couldn’t just drop this layout idea after getting so far with it already. I also had a neat idea for the Affiliates section with this layout, which is to have each affiliate link hidden under a card from the deck with the hearts suit, starting with one heart for the first card, two for the second, all resembling the real cards, and so on. The header for each section were also the fours symbols of the four card suits in colors that went with the layout, so I really made a lot of things match with the theme. Not only did I pay a lot of attention to the layout, but the characters themselves especially. Because of that, I also made a profile for each, with names, age, likes, dislikes and relationships with each other. ^_^ I guess you can say I worked on them for so long, I grew attached to them and decided to make them more real and to have their own story. Despite how extremely hard it was to come up with this layout, this is probably one of my proudest works and most creative layout by far. ^_^


Featured Character(s): Tohru Azumi artwork
Layout Style: Div Layers
Comments: A layout made after a favorite image of mines from Tohru Azumi’s works. I decided to go for dark earth-tone colors, since it’s something I never did before. I think it turned to be a nice dark layout that was really easy on the eyes. I was so happy with the results that I kept this layout up longer than most of the other ones. A dark layout is good to have once in a while. ^_^


Featured Character(s): Hikaru (Peace@Pieces)
Layout Style: Div Layers
Comments: I was hesitant but decided to really go all out with a pink themed layout here. I really liked this image of Hikaru, so I thought I wanted to put her in my next layout. I don’t usually have colors like this for any of my layouts, but my friend suggested that it was a good idea to try something really different. I had to play around with a lot of layers in this one to get it look the way I wanted. On another note, the way I got this font is completely “accidental.” I was playing around with different font strokes for a font that just can’t remember the name of, and ended up choosing a “spikey” shaped stroke that ended up making the text look bubbly. I thought it was pretty neat and kept it, but sadly I won’t be able to make this font ever again unless I experiment for some hours ^_^;. This is the first layout made from one of my own scans, and thanks to some image tutorials (found in my credits page), I was able to clean it up nicely and make it look as bright and vibrant as it should. Overall a very cheerful layout that unfortunately wasn’t up for that long, due to my constant need to change of layouts.


Featured Character(s): Riku (Kingdom Hearts I/II)
Layout Style: Tables
Comments: Probably one of my favorite layouts out of all the other table/div layouts. The colors are very calming and the shades are nice as well, not to mention it features one of my most favorite characters, Riku ^_^. However due to some problems in my coding, my tables don’t have spaces between them like I originally wanted, and if they did, they would only work for certain browsers, so I decided to place them together. I did have a very hard time finding the right pictures of Riku to use for the banner to give off the right “feeling” and “aura” to fit them calm blue theme, and the kind of brushes to use were also tricky for me, but I finally decided on this one.


Featured Character(s): Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon S)
Layout Style: Div Layers
Comments: I was really struggling to find a good layout feature, but so far I knew I wanted to make a blue/aqua color layout. My friend helped me with the series idea and I came to the conclusion of the character, since Sailor Neptune is one of my favorites from the series. I originally planned on including all of the Outer Scouts, then wanted to narrow it down to just her and Sailor Uranus, since they are very close. But then I thought the color theme of the two would clash, so I just stuck with Neptune’s aqua theme. It took me literally several layouts until I decided to keep this one. In the style, I decided to expand the banner image and blend it with the content box and change the menu location to the right for a different feel. The banner image was probably the most difficult to make due to the extreme editing of pictures and adding of special effects. The color scheme was also very hard to choose, for some reason I found the colors too hard on the eyes cuz they were either too dark or too saturated. Next time I plan on using more simpler colors for easier viewing, because these colors are too much for a webpage o_O. This is also my first layout with a tagboard inserted on each page for commenting.


Featured Character(s): Chikage and Sakuya (Sister Princess)
Layout Style: Tables
Comments: In this layout, I went with a brighter theme, since it’s a layout for the summer. I rarely go into pastel yellows and greens for color schemes, but since I wanted the images and theme to go together, I decided to go with the lighter look. This time, my tables seemed to have improved from my last layout and it works well on other browsers, unlike my Dark layout. The pages are also faster to load and easier to navigate due to my improvement in CCS. Because of some issues, I have to use Paint Shop Pro 8 now, which is much more complicated in my opinion and harder to figure out. So I can’t do as many special effects to the banner, which is why it looks a little plainer, otherwise I would have went all out on it >_>. This is the first layout I made icons for, which is the little flower petal icons for the link lists. I thought it was a nice little extra that would make the layout a little more unique.


Featured Character(s): Shouin and Yuki
Layout Style: Frames
Comments: Another two original male characters I created. I had a little “shounen-ai” idea going on in my head when I drew these two >_>. Also I spent almost days thinking of a good pose for them AND what “type” and color of flowers Yuki should be holding since each color have a meaning >_> (pays too much attention to detail). The drastic change from the more somber look in the first layout to this cheerful, bright layout might have been a bit much, but I think it turned out pretty well. I used a photo taken at a Sakura Blossom festival I went to as the background image, but since it was also bright and colorful, I ended up toning it down by changing it to an orange hue (though I kinda regret that now). The screen shot you see now is the version without the orange hue, the one I SHOULD have used instead. I really regret it now that I didn’t, but I guess I’ll learn from my past mistakes >_<. You can find the original image I used for this layout in my Art page in the Misc section under Computer Drawings.


Featured Character(s): Shiro and Kuro
Layout Style: Frames
Comments: Two original male characters I created that are supposed to resemble the Ying and Yang. Shiro (on right) is supposed to represent light, because his name means “White” in Japanese, while Kuro (on the left) is supposed to represent darkness, because his name means “Black”. They each have a wing of an angel or devil on their head to also represent the “good/evil” theme. The idea of having the wing on their head might seem strange, but I think it makes them more unique and more mysterious in a way. Since I came to love these two characters a lot, I am planning to create a new layout in the future featuring these two again. You can find the original image I used for this layout in my Art page in the Misc section under Computer Drawings.

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