A list of anime series I personally found to have good content and an interesting storyline, preferably the lesser known series. Look for the genres and aspects you are looking for in an anime show and you are sure to find a really good new series to check out. Personal comments on the show will be in parenthesis.


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (With beautiful artwork, animation, music, and characters, this is a fun and addictive series that will have you wanting more, no matter how strange or crazy it may get. ^_^)




Marmalade Boy (All the aspects of a real-life shoujo romance anime you’ll ever need: unrequited love, love triangles and all that good shoujo drama and comedy. ^_^)





Kannazuki no Miko (A shoujo-ai based series, but with unique characters, enchanting music, and beatutiful artwork with some mecha action.)





Magic User’s Club (Mahou Tsukai Tai) (Magic spells, crazy comedy, fanservice moments, and some shounen-ai hints just for the hell of it. ^_^)



Hare+Guu (Very random hilarity with various parodies and very crazy scenarios with a lot of imagination thrown in.)



Gokudo (Gokudo-kun Manyuki) (A series often overlooked, but is a very crazy, fun-filled adventure series with an interesting plot, cliff hangers, and priceless comedy moments that you just can’t miss. ^_^)




Pretear (Beautiful, crisp animation and music quality with a “fairy-tale” story. Good drama and enjoyable story.)



Full Moon wo Sagashite (Beautiful, unique, and touching story with lovable characters, magical girl moments, drama, comedy and supernatural themes.)



Fruits Basket (A more lighthearted series with a beautiful and meaningful story, with priceless “slapstick” comedy, and lovable characters.)




D.Gray-Man (A series with superb voice acting, unique characters, beautiful music, great action scenes and intense drama.)





Elfen Lied (Contains very gory scenes with some nudity, but has a very deep, tragic, beautiful, and dramatic story, recommended for a more mature audience.)





Death Note (With beautiful artwork, animation quality, and unique characters, this series has a gripping and suspenseful story that will leave you craving for more.)



Pet Shop of Horrors (Unique, haunting stories about rare and unusual exotic pets.)

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