History of Angel Flower Anime

Opened since 2001, AFA has first been created to show my anime animated gifs, but it has grown ever since then due to its success. It was at first a very small site made with a page builder and hosted on Geocities ^^; until I decided to learn HTML so I could make my own layouts. Though it was very difficult for me to understand HTML coding, javascript, CSS, etc, I kept trying my best to improve and then was finally able to make table and div layouts later on. About 6 years of being hosted by Geocities, I decided to find an ad-free host and moved to WebNg in 2007. I was then offered hosting by the very generous Mystic, who is also my affiliate, and is now my current host. ^^ I can’t thank him enough for allowing me to expand my site more than before and even letting me make my own gallery. ^^

I have always been very dedicated to Angel Flower Anime and am always thinking of ways to improve it and make it more enjoyable for my visitors. I sometimes even think about improving this site when I am at school or even when I am sleeping (yes, maybe little too attached XD). But I hope AFA will continue to grow strong just as my love for anime is still growing stronger, even now. Since anime is just about a part of me now, this site is just as important to me. And I thank all my visitors, friends, link exchanges, and affiliates for supporting me and sharing their love for anime with me. ^^


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