Sakura Kimoto is a 10 year old girl who’s in 4th grade. She has a pretty ordinary life until she stumbles across a mysterious book in her basement, which she opens out of curiousity. Cards begin flying out of it leaving only one left along with the guardian of the book who has awakened. The guardian is upset, because the magical cards that were supposed to be kept safe in the book have all escaped. She is now the chosen card captor who must seal all the magical cards before their powers cause trouble around her and to the world. With her school life and friends and family to worry about, can she keep this task a secret and go on with her daily life?

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Video and Sound Quality– 
Series length– 72 episodes
Released in the U.S.?– Yes
This series contains– Fantasy, Comedy, Shoujo, Drama, some Romance.
Some facts about this title
* The WB English dubbed episodes only consists of a portion of the series (usually consisting of the episodes with the most action).
* There are also subtitled episodes released in the U.S. by Pioneer.
* The second movie takes place after the series.
Where can you purchase this series?
DVD Empire, Animecastle, Suncoast

My Thoughts:
This is a series for the more light hearted anime fans, who enjoy a good adventure, mystery, comedy, and of course cute characters. The artwork is by CLAMP, so it’s done very nicely as always. Card Captor Sakura is definitely a show for younger viewers, so you don’t have to worry about bloody scenes or mature themes.

In this series, you will go into the life of 10 year old Sakura and gradually realize that the problems which arise around her are mostly caused by non other than the Clow Cards that have escaped. One by one, you’ll find out the powers and personality of each Clow card and their true identity, which is what makes this show interesting. Not only that, but she can summon one afterwards to use for capturing another card. Not everything in this series is action based, so the rest would focus on school, friends and family-based events, but they are very enjoyable to watch. This series is long enough to reveal a lot about the main and supporting characters, so they become very memorable. On a side note, you might get very hungry watching this series, because they show a lot of yummy looking foods… They eat a LOT in this show (especially Yukito, who eats large portions of food, non-stop.. I don’t know how he does it XD). With comedy, fantasy, action, and romance thrown in you should really like this title, especially if your a fan of CLAMP’s works.

My Final Opinion: A cute series with memorable characters, fantasy, magic, and school-based themes that fans of any age can enjoy!

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